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Are your cows worth more than you?

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What producer, wanting the best performance from his cows, would consider giving his best animals hay that was cut at the end of the season and left lying in the rain? Who would use the same tractor oil all season? Would you expect an abundant harvest every year without adding any fertilizer?

If you don’t take good care of your engine it will break down one fine morning, and the replacement part could be on back order, or the dealership could even be closed down.

Some producers treat their bodies that way. In the busy times, they fuel themselves with nothing more than sugary drinks, caffeine and greasy fast food.

There are producers who don’t get enough sleep. Many are in bad physical shape and think working out is a waste of their time.

Finally, it seems, stress prevention is good for their cows, but not for them.

But they want to perform well and live healthy lives for as long as possible.

Well, producers, in a way you are like your cows, pigs, fields and tractors. You can’t continue producing at your maximum physical and psychological potential if you mistreat yourself. It’s just a fact.

Article by Pierrette Desrosiers © 2018

© Pierrette Desrosiers 2018. All rights reserved.