FCC Expression Fund Successful Past Projects

# Organization Amount Project
1 Conseil de Développement Communautaire de la Ville de Sainte-Anne, Sainte-Anne (Manitoba) $10,000 The Centre de la petite enfance en français provides services in literacy, health, culture and leisure to francophone families, daycares, preschools and community groups in the surrounding area. FCC funds will allow the centre to be open and operating an additional day per week.
2 Fédération des parents francophones de Colombie-Britannique, Port Coquitlam (British Columbia) $10,000 A new school, École des Pionniers-de-Maillardville, will serve francophones in the Fraser Valley. The school’s lending library, furnished with FCC funds, will be available to families, daycares and preschools in the area and throughout the province via the electronic lending system.
3 École Camille-Vautour, Sainte-Antoine-de-Kent (New Brunswick) $8,800 This student-driven project involves building an outdoor classroom to be used for school and community workshops and activities. FCC funds will be used to build a pergola shelter and shelving that will be used for gardening.
4 Fédération de l’UPA de la Montérégie, Saint-Hyacinthe (Quebec) $7,500 This organisation arranges agriculture-related training on various topics. FCC funds will allow the UPA to offer an equivalent service to Anglophone producers in the area. 
5 Canadian Parents for French New Brunswick, Sussex (New Brunswick) $5,250 Canadian Parents for French promotes bilingual education across the country. This New Brunswick chapter will use FCC funds to provide locally-developed and produced French resources to all Grade 3 French Immersion classrooms in the province.
6 Comité d'action Place Lafontaine, Tiny (Ontario) $4,150 Le Goût de vivre is a French-language paper for the Simcoe region and contains a section where students can write about what is happening in their schools. FCC funds will allow development and delivery of school workshops in order to better utilize this community tool.
7 Association canadienne-française de l'Ontario, Cornwall (Ontario) $2,500 This Eastern Ontario association is in its third year of participating in the comedy contest Concours LOL and they wish to expand the program to Northern Ontario. FCC funds will go towards comedic writing and performing workshops for youth in Northern Ontario.
8 Association Francophone des Rocheuses du Sud, Fernie (British Columbia) $1,800 This association noted a need for French-language recreational programming for children aged eight to 12, so they created Le Club Baguette for kids to come together to play, eat and have fun in French. FCC funds will pay for materials, snack and leaders to the end of the year.
# Organization Amount Project
1 Centre d'appui à la famille et à l'enfance (CAFE) Nord-Ouest, Falher (Alberta) $7,500 The mission of CAFE Nord-Ouest is to support families in organising francophone events that promote the vitality of the French language in Northwestern Alberta. FCC funds will be used to hire two French professionals in arts, sports and culture for this year's festival to be held in Falher.
2 Société historique de la Saskatchewan, Regina (Saskatchewan) $5,000 Les Journées du patrimoine/Heritage Days is a 3-day festival open to all French Immersion and Francophone students in the province. The theme in 2016 is The Pioneers and will incorporate past and present agricultural practices. FCC funds will be used for rentals, transportation and other necessary costs.
3 École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Catherine, Pain Court (Ontario) $2,000 This francophone school will create an outside classroom where students can learn how to garden. They will also have a discovery area where students can manipulate the natural resources in order to discover their properties and use. FCC's funding will be used to purchase all materials for the project.
4 Salon du livre de l'Est ontarien, Alfred (Ontario) $3,000 This organization arranges French book fairs and workshops in the area with schools, libraries, and seniors’ homes. Particular emphasis is placed on Franco-Ontarian authors. FCC funds will permit an increased number of free author workshops in 2016.
5 Le Centre culturel le Chenail, Hawkesbury (Ontario) $5,000 This cultural centre promotes the arts, culture and heritage of the francophone community in Eastern Ontario. FCC Funds will be used to update displays and purchase new historical artifacts and local heritage items for the Hawkesbury Heritage Exhibit.
6 Pontiac High School, Shawville (Quebec) $10,000 As a key centre for the anglophone minority in the region, Pontiac High School is striving to become a cultural hub for the community by refurbishing the auditorium and organising events in English for the youth and the whole population.
7 École Sainte-Anne, Fredericton (New Brunswick) $10,000 École Sainte-Anne is one of three francophone schools in Fredericton aiming to expand an already successful agriculture project whereby students experience all the steps involved in bringing food from the farm to the table. FCC funds will be used to build a henhouse and to purchase supplies and hens for it.
8 Le Réseau de développement économique et d'employabilité (RDÉE) de l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard Inc., Wellington (Prince Edward Island) $7,500 The RDÉE supports PEI francophone communities and this project aims to bring the youngest and the oldest in those communities together through gardening. FCC funds will be used to purchase materials to build raised beds as well as small community gardens at each of the six "Centres de la Petite Enfance francophones" of Prince Edward Island.
# Organization Amount Project
1 Association canadienne-française de l'Alberta régionale de Saint-Paul, Saint-Paul (Alberta ) $7,000 The funds will contribute to the renovations of the community hall that will house a French daycare in St-Paul. Funds will also be used to purchase French resources and materials for the children that will attend.
2 Le centre éducatif Les Petits Pois, Bellevue (Saskatchewan) $4,000 Funds will be used to purchase French resources and materials for the new French daycare that will be located in the St. Isidore School in Bellevue.
3 Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise, Regina (Saskatchewan) $7,000 L'Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise will be hosting their annual Harvest Festival that will be held in three Francophone communities in Saskatchewan.
4 Centre multiculturel francophone de Durham, Durham (Ontario) $3,000 The Centre multicultural francophone de Durham will use the funds to create and maintain the organization's website that will promote French and ethno-cultural events and activities for the Durham community and surrounding communities.
5 Comité de la Gare de Bourget, Bourget (Ontario) $10,000 The funds will be used to renovate the Bourget train station to convert it into a multi-cultural community centre that will be open to a wide array of cultural, artistic and educational events in French for the Bourget and area community.
6 Richmond Regional High School Richmond, Richmond (Québec) $5,000 Extensive renovations of the Richmond Regional High School's community art room that will be a location for the community to use. English art classes and other courses will be offered to the community and surroundings.
7 Société culturelle de Saint-François inc.  Saint-François (Nouveau-Brunswick) $4,000 This gazebo will be built on a heritage location that will be a gathering location used for francophone theatrical plays, literary coffees, school activities for the Saint-Francois community and surrounding communities.
8 Commission de la bibliothèque publique de Saint-Antoine, Saint-Antoine (Nouveau-Brunswick) $7,000 The public library commission of Saint-Antoine's newly renovated centre will use the funds to offer French literacy programs, art and culinary courses, as well as hosting Francophone community events and activities.
9 Association communautaire francophone de Saint-Jean, Saint-Jean (Terre-Neuve)


With an increased interest in Francophone cultural and artistic activities, the St-Jean community centre would like to use the funds to purchase sound equipment and lighting to improve the experience of the performers and the patrons.