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Food Banks Canada

FCC has partnered with Food Banks Canada, a national charitable organization representing the food bank community across Canada. For over 20 years, Food Banks Canada has worked to build relationships with donors and the public to raise food and funds, increase awareness of the hunger issue and advocate on behalf of Canadians who are hungry.

Quotes and stats


"FCC Drive Away Hunger has achieved so much for so many people since its inception. This inspiring campaign brings together communities to raise food and funds that help thousands of Canadians who are struggling to get enough to eat. Food Banks Canada is grateful for FCC’s continued support in addressing hunger and supporting the food bank network across Canada." Katharine Schmidt, Executive Director, Food Banks Canada

Food bank use across Canada

  • Each month, over 860,000 Canadians are assisted by a food bank
  • Of those assisted by a food bank each month, 36 per cent are children
  • There are more than 450 food banks, and 4,500 food programs in Canada
  • There are nearly 600 rural food banks in Canada 


"We are so appreciative of the annual FCC Drive Away Hunger campaign to support food banks. With food bank usage in Alberta at record levels, the continuing support of FCC is critical to raising food and awareness about hunger. We value our long-standing partnership with FCC and its generous employees in offices across the province. " Stephanie Rigby, Executive Director,  Food Banks Alberta

Food bank use in Alberta

  • Close to 80,000 people turn to a food bank each month
  • Nearly 40 per cent of those assisted by food banks are children
  • Food bank usage has risen nearly 18% since 2015


"We look forward to partnering with FCC again for the FCC Drive Away Hunger campaign. Not only does this campaign bring national attention to the real issue of hunger, it raises community support for rural food banks here in Ontario and directly helps the nearly 355,000 people turning to them each month in our province. Communities across Ontario are positively impacted by FCC Drive Away Hunger." Carolyn Stewart, Executive Director, Ontario Association of Food Banks

Food bank use in Ontario

  • Close to 355,000 people turn to a food bank each month
  • 33 per cent of those assisted by food banks are children


"Each month, more than 170,000 people go hungry in Quebec. Of those, 59,000 are children. We are grateful for FCC Drive Away Hunger, which engages Canadians at the local level. We would like to thank FCC for its leadership in engaging our communities to collect healthy food and funds for members of our network Moisson (regional food sorting and redistribution centres serving nearly 1,200 organizations) and for families in need." Annie Gauvin, executive director of Food Banks of Quebec.

Food bank use in Quebec

  • Over 170,000 people are assisted by a food bank each month
  • Almost 35 per cent of those assisted by food banks are children


"The FCC Drive Away Hunger tour brings much needed support to communities across the province through the commitment and enthusiasm of the FCC team and partners. This allows us to meet the needs of over 31,000 people each month. The food, funds and volunteer support generated make the continued work of food banks across the province possible. Even more impactful is the community awareness and engagement this amazing effort creates around hunger and food security issues. Thank you to FCC for their continued leadership in the fight against hunger locally, provincially and nationally." Steve Compton, CEO, Regina & District Food Bank

Food bank use in Saskatchewan

  • Over 31,000 people are assisted by a food bank each month
  • 45 per cent of those assisted by food banks are children
  • Saskatchewan food bank usage has risen by over 17% from 2015

Nova Scotia

"When you've got 44,000 people counting on you to help put food on the table it makes a huge difference having someone like Farm Credit Canada on your side. Drive Away Hunger is one of those events that the community really rallies to support—farmers, businesses, school kids. It's pretty incredible to see the smiles of those loading up the truck with food donations, and the relief and gratitude of those who receive it. We can’t wait to be part of it again." Karen Theriault, Director of Development and Communications, Feed Nova Scotia

Food bank use in Nova Scotia

  • Almost 44,000 people are assisted by a food bank each month
  • 30 per cent of those assisted by food banks are children
  • Nova Scotia food bank usage has risen by over 20% from 2015