Agribusiness and Food

We lend money and provide other services to primary producers, food operations and agribusinesses that provide inputs or add value to agriculture.

Whether you’re looking to minimize your operating costs, diversify your assets or expand your business, we’ll partner with you to take your operation further.

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Who does FCC finance?

Food & Logistics

Food processors and manufacturers
Oil refining and blending
Frozen foods, canning and milling
Wineries and distilleries
Wholesale and distribution
Abattoir and meat processors


Crop input suppliers and retailers
Equipment manufacturers and dealers
Feed processors
Wholesale, storage and distribution
Grain handling and logistics

How We Do Business

FCC is a strong, stable institution with over 50 years of history and a loan portfolio that tops $36 billion. We partner with over 100,000 customers from all areas of Canada’s diverse agriculture industry and understand the important role your business has to play.

We have a proven record of partnering with agribusiness and food operators. Our approach is simple:

We know agribusiness and food. FCC is the only national financial institution dedicated to agriculture. We understand the whole value chain. In fact, we’re the fastest growing agribusiness and food lender in Canada.

We build relationships. We’re not only your lender, we’re part of your team. We take the time to listen and learn everything we can about your business. From there, we help you build a financing plan that works for you.

We’re flexible. Agribusiness and food is unique. We understand the industry and will work with you to structure the loan that makes sense for your business.

We share knowledge. From economic and industry analysis to new business ideas and management strategies, we provide timely, relevant content that your business needs.