Farm Progress Forum presented by FCC

Come hear top speakers

Join us each day at FCC Crossing in the Canada Centre building for Farm Progress Forum. Admission is included with your show ticket. Canada's Farm Progress Show runs June 21 to 23 in Regina.

Wednesday, June 21 - 2:15pm

Three Farmers

Natasha & Elysia Vandenhurk,  Co-owners, Three Farmers

How Three Farmers Slayed the Dragons (and the Natural Foods Industry)

Farming background, educations in economics and food, entrepreneurial spirit: These sisters mean business. See how they went from start-up to success.

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Thursday, June 22 - 2:15pm

Drew Lerner

Drew Lerner, Senior Agricultural Meteorologist

Summer Rainfall Depends on a Visit from el Niño

Drew is President of World Weather Inc. and has more than 35 years of international forecasting experience. What can you expect this growing season? Drew will tell you what the science is telling him.

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Friday, June 23 - 2:15 pm

Rick Mercer

Rick Mercer, Rick Mercer Report

Exploring Canada’s Past, Present and Heart-Soaring Future

Get Rick’s piercing insight into what it means to be Canadian in 2017. Warning: may include rants.

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