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FCC AgriSpirit Fund FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions about the FCC AgriSpirit Fund.

Questions about eligibility

Questions about the application process

Questions about funding

Questions about eligibility

What programs are not eligible for the FCC AgriSpirit Fund?

Your program isn’t eligible if it:

  • Contributes to operating budgets or debt reduction campaigns
  • Raises funds for a charity through private foundations or third parties (Lion’s Club, Knights of Columbus, etc.) unless funds are directed to a specific capital project for which FCC receives recognition for the donation
  • Supports individual projects/interests
  • Benefits members of a particular religion, political party or social organization whose primary focus is advocating a particular religious, social, moral, political or economic point of view
  • Benefits private schools
  • Adversely impacts the environment
  • Is an organization directed by an elected Federal Official

Why are third party groups ineligible?

FCC prefers to provide funding directly to charitable organizations or beneficiaries.

What is debt reduction?

FCC considers debt reduction to be re-payment of any expenses incurred before receiving funding from FCC. When you apply for funding, the project or expenses must not be completed before receiving notification of funding or you’ll be ineligible.

What is the role of a municipal partner and why do I need one?

There is no national registration for non-profit organizations so they must partner with their local municipal body to qualify for funding. If you’re selected for funding, it will be disbursed to the municipal body. You’ll need to work with the municipal body to get the funds.

If you’re chosen for funding, your partnering municipal body must also sign a contract to show that they support your project.

Questions about the application process

As a municipal partner, can we partner with more than one organization and also apply for our own projects?

There are no limits to the number of projects a municipal body can partner with. You can also apply for your own projects, but it’s important to note your projects will be competing against each other.

I’ve applied for the FCC AgriSpirit Fund before and my application was denied. Why hasn’t my project received funding?

While we see many worthy projects, we have $1.5 million to distribute annually and receive over 1000 applications.

Eligible applications are evaluated based on selection criteria and reviewed against other applications from your area. Projects are awarded funding based on their evaluation score.

Funding is divided across the provinces according to rural populations to serve a wide reach of communities across Canada.

We have numerous projects happening in our organization. Can we apply for all of them?

Organizations can apply for more than one project, but must apply separately. It’s important to note your projects will be competing against each other.

I’m having trouble submitting the application. What should I do?

Email us and we’ll contact you within three business days.

Can I set up a meeting to discuss our project?

We don’t schedule individual meetings. Please include all details of your project in your online application.

Do I need to submit contractor quotes or other financial information with the application?

No quotes are needed with the initial application, but after completion of the project (within two years of being awarded the funds) you’ll need to provide receipts for any expenses paid for with awarded funding.

For the initial application, we only need general information including:

  • Information about the organization you serve
  • Information about the project/program you’re applying for
  • How the funding (if awarded) will be used
  • How much funding you’ve already secured for your project/program and where you received the funding from

Can I see the application before the fund opens?

We don’t provide copies of the application before fund opening dates.

Questions about funding

Will all projects receive the full amount of requested funding? 

No. Funding is often approved for smaller portions of larger projects. For example, funding might cover the cost to install new cupboards in a community centre or supply medical equipment for a new community clinic.

Can awarded funds be put toward wages directly related to the program/project?

We may consider granting the use of funds toward wages if those wages are part of the project that’s chosen for funding.

Do we need to raise a portion of the funds on our own before applying for the FCC AgriSpirit Fund?

You don’t need to have any funds raised before applying. You can be in the beginning stages of fundraising, or apply for the entire amount.

If we’re awarded funding, do we need to match the amount provided by FCC?

You don’t need to match any funding received from FCC.

More questions? Email us and we’ll get back to you within three business days.