FCC AgriSpirit Fund

Do you have a capital project that will enrich lives in your rural community? The FCC AgriSpirit Fund supports projects by charities, non-profit groups, First Nations bands and Metis settlements in communities of less than 150,000 people

Applications are closed and will re-open April 2023.

Types of projects we consider:

  • Refrigeration and equipment to support food waste reduction and recovery
  • Construction of or upgrades to community buildings
  • Renovations or upgrades that reduce a building’s energy footprint
  • Initiatives that support agriculture and food

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Who can apply?

  • Charities registered with the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Non-profit organizations who partner with a municipal body, territorial or provincial government; the municipal body must agree to receive contributed money
  • Town or city under 150,000 people, rural municipality
  • First Nations band or Métis settlement
  • Organizations that have not received AgriSpirit funding in the past four years
  • Note: FCC employees and their immediate family members cannot apply on behalf of an organization

Eligible projects:

  • Recognize FCC’s contribution
  • Must be completed within two years of receiving funding with documented proof
  • Are capital projects that enrich the lives of community residents in communities of less than 150,000
  • Successfully pass FCC’s background check

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Applications are closed and will re-open April 2023.

Questions or problems applying? See our FCCAgriSpirit Fund FAQs or email us.