Saskatchewan adds amendments to laws strengthening animal protection

  • Nov 27, 2017

REGINA - Saskatchewan has announced amendments to the province's Animal Protection Act.

Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart announced the changes Monday and they include broadening the definition of animal distress and giving animal protection officers the ability to issue corrective action orders.

It will also expand the locations animal protection workers can inspect to include boarding kennels and other places where services for animals are provided.

Under the amendments, veterinarians must report suspected cases of animal cruelty.

Kaley Pugh of Animal Protection Services Saskatchewan says the amendments will make it possible to investigate outside of normal hunting and trapping procedures.

She says the act was very vague before, so her group is pleased with the amendments.

"Animals that are kept in unsanitary conditions will now be considered distressed, animals that require protection from injurious heat or cold will be defined as distressed, so those are improvements that are significant for us," Pugh said.