More Manitoba PEDv outbreaks possible

Manitoba is 2017’s most Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv) affected province, and additional cases aren’t out of the question.

“With the number of infected premises we have seen in this year’s outbreak, we expect to have a few more trickle in, mostly as a result of pigs having to be moved from one farm to another,” says Manitoba Pork’s manager of quality assurance and animal care programs, Mark Fynn.

Latest cases

Manitoba experienced a rash of new cases in the latter part of August and the province now has 75 confirmed cases in 2017, according to Manitoba Agriculture.

The most recent 10 infected premises included three sow sites, three nursery sites and four finisher sites.

Although direct pig movement explained a number of cases, others reflected the geographic concentration of PEDv, an infectious virus, Fynn adds.

More concerning

Cases that aren’t due to movement are more concerning, he says, because the pigs demonstrate more severe symptoms and shed more virus into the environment.

“This results in more risk to neighbouring farms, and more effort has to be put in place to prevent the virus’ spread,” Fynn says.

Although he expects several more cases to likely emerge, he also anticipates many producers eliminating the virus from their barns.


Only nine premises that had been confirmed to have PEDv this year have been cleared, Manitoba Agriculture reports.

Prior to 2017, Manitoba had 10 infected premises. In all those cases, barns were cleaned and production maintained, Fynn says.

“We expect most, if not all, of the producers from this year’s outbreak to be able to achieve the same outcome,” he says.

Ontario’s example

The first Canadian case of PEDv was confirmed in Ontario, which had previously been most impacted by the disease with over 100 infected farms.

“Most of their farms have managed to clean themselves up and continue in the business,” Fynn says. “This can act as both a target and inspiration for Manitoba swine farmers.”

Given the latest outbreaks and the colder months approaching, Manitoba Pork urges producers to intensify their diligence by talking to their herd veterinarians, and ensuring they’ve established strict biosecurity measures.

Manitoba Pork offers details for controlling access to yards. For more on controlling access to your yard:

Further information on PEDv is available from Manitoba Pork’s swine health co-ordinator.

Bottom line

PEDv cases are growing in Manitoba, but farmers can take solace from Ontario, where producers overcame the virus’ challenges.

Article by: Richard Kamchen