Buy or rent farmland: Which option is right for you?

Deciding whether to buy or rent farmland can be a difficult decision. Lance Stockbrugger explains the benefits of both in this video.

Like equipment, farmland is one of a farmer’s biggest assets. Get the latest national and provincial values in the 2017 FCC Farmland Values Report.

Video Highlights

  • Interest rates affect land prices – the lower they are, the less overall cost for the land
  • Far too often, people make land purchasing decisions based on emotional reasons rather than economic truths
  • Interest rates also affect whether you should sell or keep your land
  • Relationships are key in land rental – both parties need to be well informed so they can work together as a team

What did farmland values look like in 2017?

Get the full story in the 2017 FCC Farmland Values Report. Discover the numbers for each province (this year by price per acre) and the economic factors driving them.