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FCC Edge is an agriculture podcast from Farm Credit Canada hosted by Kevin Stewart. From business and technology, to inspiration and farm safety, FCC Edge features and interviews are relevant to Canadian agriculture – and to your business.

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    • Mar 13, 2014
    • 20:08

    Hear how you can reduce stress, think positively and stay motivated with this special FCC Edge, compiled from clips of past episodes.

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    • Feb 28, 2014
    • 21:24

    Hear tips for staying healthy on the farm and at home. With your health in mind, we compiled clips from past FCC Edge episodes.

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    • Jan 30, 2014
    • 24:25

    David Sparling - six years that changed agriculture

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    • Nov 18, 2013
    • 18:18

    General Rick Hillier on leading with optimism and focusing on people.

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    • Sep 25, 2013
    • 24:18

    Communications expert Peter Gredig shares what's new with tablets on the farm.

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