Andrea James
Lawyer, Tax specialist

Andrea James is a lawyer and an entrepreneur and holds law degrees from the University of Calgary and the University of Houston. Focusing on tax law, she advises clients in the areas of personal and corporate tax, business succession, and estate planning. Andrea is a published legal writer and speaks on a variety of topics for professionals, including at the University of Saskatchewan College of Law. Andrea farms with her brother and parents near Eston, Saskatchewan.

Presenting at: FCC Workshops

Anna De Paoli
Management Consultant, Professional Negotiator

Anna specializes in negotiation, contract development, business planning and supply chain management. She grew up with business and has been involved in a wide range of sectors from family run businesses such as food and beverage, agriculture and commercial property to large multinational oil and gas companies.

Anna also has extensive international experience having worked in the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK before settling in Canada. She has consulted for a range of industries including large agricultural operations, energy producers, manufacturers, municipalities and cooperatives.

Presenting at: FCC Women in Ag Summit

De Paoli & Associates

Annessa Good
Transition Specialist

Annessa attended Mount Royal University, where she studied business, specializing in supply chain management and is now a Transition Specialist at Farm Credit Canada. After moving back to the farm and joining GRS Consulting Ltd, her family’s business, she found her niche helping the next generation find business clarity and opportunity at the succession planning table. Annessa’s family is currently going through the succession rollercoaster which gives her excellent insight as a consultant. 

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Ashlyn George
Adventurer, travel writer, speaker

From scaling mountains over 6000 metres and encountering avalanches and erupting volcanoes along the way to flying in a military jet with the Canadian Forces Snowbirds (for fun), Ashlyn’s taste for unique adventures has carried her around the world to 60 countries and all 7 continents with a suitcase full of stories to share. Today, Ashlyn is the go-to expert and writer on outdoor adventure activities in Saskatchewan. Follow along for captivating stories, travel tips, advice and adventures from Canada to the world.

Emcee at: FCC Young Farmer Summit

@lostgirlsguide The Lost Girls Guide

Dr. Jody Carrington
Psychologist, Author, Game Changer

Dr. Jody Carrington is a psychologist living in Olds, Alberta with a love for helping others. After completing an internship with the RCMP, she became passionate about police work and understanding the significant toll trauma can take on people. She also spent 10 years at the Alberta Children’s Hospital working with children and families to help them connect and communicate. Married to a farmer and a mother of three, Jody is a gifted storyteller.

Presenting at: FCC Women in Ag Summit

@JodyCarrington Dr. Jody Carrington

Dr. John Fast
Leadership coach, speaker, author

Dr. John Fast is one of Canada’s leading experts on family business, leadership development and communicating for results, and a sought-after inspirational speaker. He’s founding partner and president of Family Enterprise Solutions, a management consulting and training organization. His book The Family Business Doctor: Ensuring the Long-Term Health of Your Business Family has received wide acclaim for communicating the deepest issues facing business families in a hopeful and practical manner. He has also co-authored numerous books and curriculums used by professionals and family firms.

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The Family Business Doctor

Dr. Tom Deans
Intergenerational wealth transfer expert

Dr. Thomas William Deans is the author of the all-time best-selling family business book, Every Family’s Business and Willing Wisdom and now speaks on the international lecture circuit. Having delivered more than 500 convention keynotes and seminars in 14 countries, Tom has built an international reputation as a thought leader on intergenerational wealth transfer.

Presenting at: FCC Young Farmer Summit

@TomDeans Willing Wisdom

FCC Ag Transition Specialists
J.P. Gervais
FCC Vice-President and Chief Agricultural Economist

J.P. Gervais has over 20 years analyzing agricultural policies and markets helping guide strategy and monitor risk at FCC. He speaks on the connection between global trends and agri-food markets and shares insight on the agriculture industry through the FCC Ag Economics blog. J.P. has a Ph.D. in economics and is past president of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society.

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Jessica Holmes
Comedian, Author, Mental Health Advocate

Beloved comedian Jessica Holmes has been a perennial favourite on Royal Canadian Air Farce for 15 years and has brought the house down opening for giants such as Ellen DeGeneres, Russell Peters, Jerry Seinfeld, and Oprah Winfrey. Her hilarious take on life’s challenges as well as her unique knack for skewering celebrities have audiences in stitches. Her presentations — which include motivation and wellness — are always a hit.

Presenting at: FCC Women in Ag Summit

@happyfeetholmes Jessica Holmes

Lance Stockbrugger
Farmer, Speaker, Accountant

Lance is a chartered accountant with over 20 years of experience in public practice working directly with agriculture producers. Lance uses his knowledge and experience to assist producers with transition planning, intergenerational transfers, and tax reorganizations implementing partnerships, corporations and trusts. Along with his wife Marie, Lance is living his life ambition operating LDS Farms, a 4,000-acre cereal, oilseed and pulse farm at Englefeld, Sask.

Presenting at: FCC Workshops, FCC Business Esssentials

@lstockbr LDS Farms

Lane Stockbrugger
Emcee, Farmer, Marketer, Speaker

Lane is passionate about marketing, branding and image, especially as they apply to agriculture operations. He brings a unique focus on planning and brand management based on his wide-ranging work experience that includes Labatt Breweries, Brown Communications and, most recently, Farm Credit Canada. Lane has now transitioned to focus on the 4,000-acre family grain farm, LDS Farms. He’s also the Chair for Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission, last year he was Vice-Chair.

Emcee at: FCC Business Essentials

@LaneDStock LDS Farms

Merle Good
Transition and Tax Specialist

Merle helps farmers meet their business and personal goals by identifying and adapting financial management and tax-related strategies with business structures. Prior to GRS, the company he founded with his wife and daughter, Merle worked for over 30 years as Alberta’s provincial farm tax specialist after earning a degree in agriculture economics. His expertise, combined with his practical experience of owning and operating a multi-generational farm, has created a unique combination of skills and insights.

Presenting at: FCC Workshops

Michelle Hillier
Emcee, Movement and Dance Educator

Michelle Hillier, movement disruptor, published author and recent TEDx presenter, has moved over a million people of all ages and abilities and is on a mission to inspire people to do it their way. Using music and movement, audiences are challenged to be brighter, bolder versions of themselves and feel an increase of confidence, creativity and connection.

Presenting at: FCC Women in Ag Summit


Rob Hannam
Farm Management and Communications Consultant

Rob draws upon his deep agri-food knowledge to provide farm and agri-business clients with practical solutions that work in the real world. His passion for agriculture began while growing up on a large farm operation in Ontario and has developed into a successful consulting business with local, national and international clients.

Rob leads workshops and presents on agricultural business management topics across Canada, including his Advanced Farm Management Program – a five-day educational program for Ontario farmers. He’s also developed the RoadMAP Management Action Plan® strategic planning process for farm businesses and food and beverage companies.

Presenting at: FCC Workshops, FCC Business Essentials

@synthesisnetwrk Synthesis

Stephanie Holmes-Winton
Founder, CEO CacheFlo

Stephanie Holmes-Winton is the CEO and founder of CacheFlo Inc., a software company that builds behaviour-based spending management applications for financial professionals and institutions. After a career shift from animal sciences, she became a financial advisor helping clients get more life from their money and launched a training program that helped other professionals do the same. Stephanie is the author of Defusing The Debt Bomb, and $pent and her advice has been featured by the Globe & Mail, CBC Radio and CTV.

Presenting at FCC Young Farmer Summit


Toni Newman
Professional Innovation Catalyst

Toni Newman is a five-time award winning business owner and founder of The Innovation Advantage - a company that works with organizations worldwide to design innovative, experience-driven business strategies that drive more customers, more revenue and more growth. Strategies that not only differentiate organizations from their competition but that also significantly strengthen their competitive advantage in the marketplace. Toni has been speaking to businesses on strategic innovation as a competitive advantage since 1998 and is a member of the Speaking Hall of Fame.

Presenting at: FCC Women in Ag Summit

Toni Newman

Vanessa Stockbrugger
Financial Educator and Coach

Vanessa is the Founder of Womencents, a company that provides women the opportunity to live with financial security, self-reliance and confidence. She spent a decade of her career as an investment banker at a major Canadian bank where she was responsible for helping clients make important strategic and financial decisions to add value and meet their financial goals.

Vanessa comes from a strong family rooted in Saskatchewan, where she grew up on the family farm. When tragedy struck her family at age 7, it forever changed how the family would move forward. Her mother’s determination and strength inspired Vanessa to help others become financially engaged and confident.

Presenting at: FCC Women in Ag Summit, FCC Workshops

@womencents Womencents