We operate sustainably and support our customers to do the same.

To ensure the success of Canadian agriculture for generations to come. We care about the environment and work to reduce our own operational footprint and support our customers to do the same.

2020-21 Highlights

Reduce emissions by 40%

FCC is on track to reduce 40% its greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 through office energy consumption, paper consumption, air and vehicle travel.

Advancing customer sustainability

We provided financing through FCC loan products for sustainability projects that advance customers' environmental practices.

Giving back

Through the FCC AgriSpirit Fund, 80% of funded projects were for sustainability projects in rural communities.

From printing to planting

FCC is part of the PrintReleaf program, which measures paper consumption and converts pages into real trees planted in global reforestation projects. Our contribution was 381 trees reforested in 2020-21.

How we do business

We implemented a social and sustainable framework with guiding principles on how FCC operates and embedded them into our core lending business through our Customer Integrity Declaration.

How we serve the industry