What we stand for

We take pride in helping our customers dream, grow and thrive. And how we show up every day is as important as what we do. We aim to advance our social and sustainable practices, support our customers in their sustainability journeys and act as a catalyst for good.

What we stand for reflects our corporate values. And as we continue to evolve, so does our story. Together we can serve our industry, communities and our planet for generations to come.

Our commitments

We contribute to the strength and future of the agriculture and food industry.

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We partner to reduce hunger and enrich rural Canada.

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We operate sustainably and support our customers to do the same.

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Bigger than ourselves

Canada is one of the handful of nations capable of meeting the projected demand for agriculture production. Our three impact statements connect to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of Zero Hunger and Responsible Consumption and Production.


Get the full story and download the 2018-19 CSR Report, a CSR snapshot or view Milestones in our CSR journey.