Vision Research Panel

FCC Vision is our national agriculture research panel. Vision lets members share their ideas and opinions about Canadian agriculture and how FCC can best serve this exciting, growing industry.

Who's on the Vision Panel?

Vision members are in primary production, all levels of agribusiness and agri-food, agriculture-related studies and those whose businesses have a direct association with the agriculture industry from coast to coast.

What can I expect as a Vision member?

As a Vision member, you will get email invitations to participate in short surveys (five to 10 minutes long), as well as online focus groups (group discussions). Cell phone users may also receive short text message questionnaires. Participation is always voluntary. If you do choose to participate, you’ll receive Vision Rewards points, which you can turn into gift cards for popular retailers.

Occasionally, FCC conducts research projects that include in-person interviews or focus groups (group discussions). FCC may contact Vision members by telephone or email to ask if they would like to participate in such studies. Participation is always voluntary. Every participant receives a pre-agreed upon gift at the end of the session.

Can I see survey results?

After you participate in a study, we like to share the results so you can see what other panellists think. A summary of the results will be posted on the FCC Vision website.  You will receive an email notification when a new summary is uploaded.

How often will I be contacted per year?

To ensure statistically sound data, participants are randomly chosen. Typically, a Vision member can expect anywhere from one to 13 invitations per month. 

What does FCC do with my opinions and ideas?

All responses are kept confidential and results are aggregated so that FCC can use them to provide direction on business decisions. 

Any other questions? Email Vision.