Michael Hoffort
President and Chief Executive Officer
Sophie Perreault
Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer
Greg Honey
Executive Vice-President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Corinna Mitchell-Beaudin
Executive Vice-President and Chief Risk Officer
Travis Asmundson
Executive Vice-President and Chief Information Officer
Greg Willner
Executive Vice-President, Law and Corporate Secretary
Rick Hoffman
Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer
Todd Klink
Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer
Dale Johnston
Director since June 23, 2011; appointed Board Chair on December 13, 2012
Bertha Campbell
Director since November 17, 2017
Jane Halford
Director since December 15, 2014; reappointed November 17, 2017
Doris Priddle
Director since November 26, 2012; reappointed November 26, 2015
Michael Hoffort, P.Ag.
Director since July 1, 2014
Sylvie Cloutier
Director since April 5, 2012; reappointed June 2, 2019
Michele Hengen
Director since November 17, 2017
Govert Verstralen
Director since November 17, 2017
Del Anaquod
Director since November 17, 2017
Laura Donaldson
Director since November 17, 2017
James Laws, P.Ag.
Director since November 17, 2017

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Communication Consultant
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