We operate responsibly and with integrity. We hold each other to the highest ethical standards and expect honesty and accountability.

Our impact

Committed to responsible business: Due diligence measures are conducted on all lending customers as well as third parties FCC transacts with.

FCC employees act with integrity: 100% of employees completed a knowledge check on FCC’s Code of Conduct learning and signed their annual attestation to understand and comply with the Code of Conduct.

Safeguarding information: Regular training is provided to all employees and consultants on social engineering tactics, information management and privacy expectations.

Strong governance: We completed a third-party assessment of our ESG governance framework and are committed to implementing the recommendations in the future.

Our progress

Stakeholder expectations

At FCC, acting with integrity and maintaining the highest ethical standards are fundamental priorities. We understand everyone plays a role in ensuring integrity and the business risks associated when it’s not upheld. The Code of Conduct guides how we behave as FCC representatives, including in our business relationships. Employees must also comply with all FCC policies, procedures and laws and regulations applicable to their business activities. Regular monitoring of employees’ compliance is another way we can assess our integrity level.

Integrity is also required of those who do business with FCC. Customers must sign an Integrity Declaration form at loan origination, and our reporting covers everything from financial crimes to human rights violations under the Canada Labour Code. Our commitment is to work with customers and industry to understand the issues they face and help them resolve issues to generate a positive impact on society while minimizing the risks associated with their businesses.

Ensuring data privacy and security

Data privacy and security are vital to Canadians, and controlling the collection, use and disclosure of personal information is a pressing issue facing the financial services industry. We’re committed to safeguarding our customers’ and employees’ personal information and have prioritized ongoing efforts to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of confidential and personal information.

FCC’s privacy program includes leveraging technology, like enhancements to automated digital protections and system controls to safeguard information. In 2021-22, we further reduced our risk of inadvertently disclosing personal information through email channels and enhanced network protections for all FCC employees regardless of work location. We continue to raise employee awareness by educating and communicating about the importance of information protection and cyber security.

Responsible business practices

Effective corporate governance is foundational to our success. FCC has well-established structures, policies, processes and programs to enable effective governance at a Board and Management level. This year, we had a third-party assessment of our ESG governance. The results showed we’re either fully aligned or closely aligned with best practice in most critical areas assessed, such as Board oversight, leadership and culture. As we mature our ESG and climate change strategies, there’s an opportunity to engage the Board further to ensure effective oversight, and we’ll continue to implement recommendations over the coming years.