FCC is accountable to our customers and our stakeholders through open dialogue and honest communication. Learn more about the business of FCC through our reports.

Annual Report

The Annual Report highlights FCC’s business achievements, financial outcomes and commitment to advance the business of agriculture.

Quarterly Financial Report

The Quarterly Financial Report shows financial results, risks and significant changes regarding operations, personnel and programs for each quarter of FCC’s fiscal year.




Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan outlines FCC’s corporate objectives and strategies for providing products and solutions tailored to the unique needs Canadian agriculture.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

The annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report measures FCC’s progress in key areas and features stories about how FCC is making a positive difference.

Auditor General of Canada Reports

The Office of the Auditor General of Canada performs special examinations and financial audits of FCC. The examination provides an independent opinion to the Board of Directors regarding the safety and control of assets, management of resources and efficiency of operations. The last special examination took place in 2012.

Farmland Values Report

The FCC Farmland Values Report is the principal source of land values information in Canada and is updated annually. Get an overview of recent farmland value trends in each province and nationally.

FCC Ag Economics: The Canadian Dairy Sector Looking Forward Spring 2016

FCC Ag Economics: The 2015 Beef Sector Report

FCC Ag Economics: A 2015 Look at Global Trade:

Global trade is key for the long-term health of Canadian agriculture and agri-food. As one of the world’s largest agriculture and agri-food trading nations, Canada benefits from market conditions that create trade opportunities.

FCC Ag Economics: A 2015 Look at Global Trade examines the impact exchange rate fluctuations have on Canada’s export values of agriculture commodities and manufactured food products.

Travel and Hospitality Expenses

The following lists travel and hospitality expenses for the Chief Executive Officer. Expenses are reported by month, with running totals for the year shown at the bottom of each table.