Executive Co-ordinator, IT

  • Oct 07, 2015

These competencies describe the required behaviours and expectations for the position:


Customer Experience

Regularly interacts with customers and/or co-workers with specific objectives in mind and sustains contact even when no specific situations or issues demand it.


Sets and works toward meeting challenging goals that require some stretch but are not unrealistic or impossible to attain.

Learning and Innovation

Takes action that deviates from established practice, but aligns with organizational norms. Asks probing questions to gain additional perspectives and background information to enhance employee and customer experience. Picks up on intangibles.


Understands and responds to organizational needs by looking for opportunities to improve, and modifying approach appropriately. Makes decisions to act in the best interest of the organization.

Solution Focus

Checks the initial assessment of a situation to ensure accuracy, relevancy and lack of bias. Links together relevant concerns when resolving problems and identifies patterns, trends or missing pieces of information.

Teamwork and Partnership

Keeps team members or partners informed and up-to-date about group processes, individual actions, or influencing events. Promotes good working relationships regardless of personal likes or dislikes. 


Delivering Service and Quality

Monitors own work and the work of others for service and quality by keeping records of alterations, changes and variations from accepted service and quality standards and commitments.

Effective Communication

Pays attention to what others are saying by listening actively and attentively. Remains calm and rational when challenged, and is able to understand other people’s points of view and respond in a practical and professional manner.

Identifying, Planning and Executing

Determines the relative importance of needs. Prioritizes and sequences work and effectively changes direction when appropriate. Acts in a timely, thoughtful manner to ensure that end results are achieved.

Intellectual Curiosity

Seeks to understand multiple levels of a situation by asking a series of probing questions to uncover the root cause.

Process Improvement

Proactively identifies opportunities that will enhance a process or add value. Analyzes the approach and carefully modifies existing processes to fit the situation based on business needs that are generally well-known and accepted.

Relationship Building

Seeks opportunities to partner and transfer knowledge to strengthen relationships and networks. Establishes self as a consistent source of value-added contribution for others, and builds credibility with others.