Senior Analyst, Capital Management

  • Jun 10, 2014

These competencies describe the required behaviours and expectations for the position:


Customer Experience

Undertakes a regular exchange of information with customers and/or co-workers for mutual benefit to build a network of trust. Manages these relationships on an ongoing basis to ensure alignment and efficiency of effort.


Makes well-thought-out modifications to systems or processes to improve both their impact and performance.

Learning and Innovation

Develops a cross-boundary approach to learning by gaining information from multiple sources and encourages this in others as a strategy for continual improvement. Adapts communication for different audiences.


Acknowledges both organizational and personal capacity to change, based on what is and is not possible or probable. Knows when to say no. Changes approach accordingly, even though this may entail considerable effort to meet the organization’s needs.

Solution Focus

Analyzes relationships among several parts of a problem or situation. Demonstrates resilience by developing personal tactics and techniques to deal with issues and changes encountered in resolving problems.

Teamwork and Partnership

Makes sure the practical needs of the team are met. Uses different leadership styles in response to the needs and goals of the team.


Analytical Thinking

Recognizes fundamental components of a situation and obstacles not initially apparent. Uses different techniques to identify solutions, prioritize and create action plans.

Conceptual Thinking

Clarifies complex information or situations. Assembles ideas, issues and observations into a clear and useful explanation.

Identifying, Planning and Executing

Initiates activities involving others, organizing work to maximize overall efficiency and effectiveness while ensuring high-quality output. Develops plans to optimize available resources and adjusts decisions as required.

Intellectual Curiosity

Seeks to understand multiple levels of a situation by asking a series of probing questions to uncover the root cause.

Relationship Building

Seeks opportunities to partner and transfer knowledge to strengthen relationships and networks. Establishes self as a consistent source of value-added contribution for others, and builds credibility with others.

Systems Thinking

Understands and articulates the need to integrate multiple information sources and differing points of view to develop an inclusive course of action. Understands what is possible and practical within organizational limitations.