Corporate Accounting Technician

  • Aug 25, 2014

These competencies describe the required behaviours and expectations for the position:


Customer Experience

Maintains clear communication. Identifies and refers to areas of mutual interest as a means of establishing positive and effective working relationships with customers and/or co-workers.


Takes responsibility for own performance and takes action to meet goals set by others.     

Learning and Innovation

Challenges the status quo.  Further investigates situations by paying attention to the communication of others, asking questions and completing a thorough review of materials, to gain additional perspectives in learning.


Observes organizational needs and makes a commitment to meet its objectives. Accepts differences in alternative approaches and responds appropriately based on the organization’s best interest.

Solution Focus

Recognizes both the challenges and opportunities of a situation before resolving problems. Breaks problems into manageable parts and identifies the implications.

Teamwork and Partnership

Values others’ input, experience and expertise and contributes own point-of-view. Highly involved as a team member or partner.


Analytical Thinking

Identifies cause-and-effect between different aspects of a situation and understands basic relationships. Makes clear logical plans. 

Delivering Service & Quality

Demonstrates heightened concern for service delivery and quality results. Checks processes for acceptable deviations from established service standards to deliver on commitments.

Identifying, Planning and Executing

Completes activities and tasks on time through routine planning of work and organization of needed resources. Works with available resources to meet objectives.

Intellectual Curiosity

Personally investigates a situation. Seeks first to understand by questioning those closest to a situation to determine the facts and what may be the underlying source of the problem or issue.